Directorate Reserve Seats For Students of Balochistan Admission


Directorate Reserve Seats For Students of Balochistan Admission

Directorate Reserve Seats for Balochistan Students: Opening Doors to Educational Opportunities

In a significant stride towards promoting educational diversity and inclusivity, several prestigious colleges and universities across various provinces have announced the availability of reserve seats for students hailing from Balochistan. This initiative aims to empower Balochistan students by providing them with enhanced opportunities to pursue higher education in esteemed institutions, fostering a brighter future for the youth of the province.

Online Applications Open: Your Pathway to Excellence

Applications for these reserved seats are invited exclusively through the online portal, accessible at or This digital platform streamlines the application process, ensuring convenience and accessibility for Balochistan candidates seeking admission in BS (four-year program) and BS 5th Semester (two-year program) for the academic session 2023.

Selection Criteria: Striking a Balance

As per the admission policy of 2019, the selection process is designed to be comprehensive and fair. Merit will be established through a combination of degree/certificate marks (50%) and entry test marks (50%). The candidates will be chosen based on open merit, representing the diverse talent pool of Balochistan. The entry test, comprising 150 MCQs, serves as a crucial determinant. It’s essential to note that candidates scoring less than 50% (75 out of 150 marks) in the entry test will not be considered for admission.

Welcoming Aspirants: A Bridge to Hope

As a beacon of hope, candidates who are awaiting their HSSC results can apply based on a Hope Certificate for BS Programs. This provision offers a chance to those eager to embark on their educational journey without delay.


Wide Array of Institutions: A Plethora of Opportunities

The reserved seats span across various esteemed institutions, including:

1. Government College University, Lahore
2. Islamia College University Peshawar
3. University of Punjab, Lahore
4. Government College University Faisalabad
5. University of Gujrat
6. Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan
7. University of Education, Lahore
8. University of Sargodha
9. Bahauddin Zakriya University, Multan
10. Islamia University, Bahawalpur
11. Kohsar University Murree
12. Government College Women University Faisalabad
13. The Women University Multan
14. Government College Women University Sialkot
15. University of Sahiwal
16. University of Okara
17. Mir Chakar Khan Rind University of Technology, Dera Ghazi Khan
18. University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir

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INSTITUTES College Higher and Technical Education

PROGRAMS. College Higher and Technical Education

Guidelines for Aspiring Scholars: A Path to Success

To ensure a smooth and organized application process, several essential guidelines are outlined:

1. Online applications are mandatory via the specified portal.
2. Choices of discipline/institute should be indicated clearly in the application form.
3. Chalan slip for application fee must be obtained and paid before the closing date.
4. Only candidates who meet age and qualification criteria are eligible.
5. Original documents must be presented during the entry test.
6. Local certificates must be verified by the concerned district’s Deputy Commissioner for shortlisted candidates.

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Nurturing Potential: Merit-Based Selection

The merit list will be generated according to the admission policy of 2019, emphasizing a balanced assessment of academic and entry test performance. A weightage formula of 50% academic marks and 50% entry test marks ensures a holistic evaluation. Candidates must achieve a minimum of 75 out of 150 marks in the entry test to qualify.

Empowering Balochistan: A Step Towards Progress

This initiative stands as a testament to the commitment of these institutions towards promoting educational equity and empowering students from Balochistan. By providing reserved seats and embracing talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, these universities contribute significantly to nurturing the intellectual and professional landscape of the nation.

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Candidates are encouraged to stay updated on admission test dates, venues, and timings through the Directorate of Colleges & Higher Education’s official website, or

As the academic session approaches, the announcement of reserved seats for Balochistan students resonates as a beacon of opportunity, promising a brighter tomorrow through the power of education.



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