List of Shortlisted Students for the Undergraduate Scholarship of Balochistan & Erstwhile FATA (Phase-III)

List of Shortlisted Students for the Undergraduate Scholarship of Balochistan & Erstwhile FATA (Phase-III)

Dear Aspiring Scholars,

We are pleased to announce the provisional placement/nomination of applicants who have been shortlisted for the Undergraduate Scholarship of Balochistan & Erstwhile FATA (Phase-III). This scholarship opportunity, provided under the project “Provision of Higher Education Opportunities for the Students of Balochistan and erstwhile FATA (Phase-III), Batch-I,” aims to empower and support talented students in pursuing their dreams of higher education.

Selected students for Balochistan & Fata MBBS & BDS (Click Here For Balochistan) 

Selected students for Balochistan & Fata MBBS & BDS (Click Here For FATA)

In the process of finalizing the merit for placement/nomination on Higher Education Commission (HEC) reserved seats for MBBS/BDS programs, a meticulous evaluation has been carried out, adhering to the following key criteria:

1. Eligibility Confirmation:
Applicants who were provisionally shortlisted for the scholarship but were not already enrolled as per the updated records on the PM&DC website by 12.6.2023, were considered for placement in medical/dental colleges. This placement is based on their explicit consent to avail the opportunity along with the preferences they provided for the MBBS/BDS disciplines and colleges.

2. Merit Calculation:
The placement on HEC reserved MBBS/BDS seats on open merit was determined using the following weighted formula:
– Matric Marks: 20%
– FSc Marks: 30%
– MDCAT Score: 50%

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3. Merit-Based Placement:
All the placements/nominations are made solely on a merit basis, ensuring that the most deserving candidates are given the opportunity to excel in their chosen fields.

4. Contact Information:
For any queries or concerns regarding the nomination of provisionally shortlisted applicants on HEC reserved MBBS/BDS seats, please feel free to email us at We are here to assist you and provide any necessary information or instructions.

5. Important Reminders:
Kindly keep a vigilant eye on your email inbox for further updates, instructions, and information. Regularly checking your email will ensure that you stay informed about any new developments.

6. Disclaimer:
– The placement/nomination list of provisionally shortlisted applicants is based on the preferences provided by you for the MBBS/BDS discipline and colleges. Requests for changes in college or discipline preferences will not be considered at this stage.
– It is important to note that if any applicant’s documents are found to be fake or tampered with, or if the provided information is proven to be false, their admission/scholarship will be terminated at any point in the process.
– The Higher Education Commission (HEC) reserves the right to cancel the scholarship/placement process at any time without assigning a specific reason.

We extend our warm congratulations to all the provisionally shortlisted applicants who have successfully achieved this significant milestone. Your dedication and commitment to your education have been recognized, and we are excited to see you embark on this remarkable journey of academic excellence.

Best regards,

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